I Am Getting a New Apartment Soon

Looking at apartments for Nashville TN residents was a really exciting deal for me. That is because I had never lived on my own before, and I was really looking forward to it. I am nearly 30 years old, but I have always lived with someone else. First it was my parents, and then my sorority sisters when I went off to college. After graduation, my best friend and I got an apartment together. Her boyfriend was always there though, and I started to feel like the odd one out. When he proposed to her last week, I suggested they keep the apartment and I would look for a new one.

I love her with all my heart, but there is no way I am ever going to have another roomie. Continue reading “I Am Getting a New Apartment Soon”

Silver Spring is Home to Us and We Like It Here

We moved to Maryland for the business opportunities. My wife and I wanted to own a bookstore and offer gifts, coffees and pastries too. As you know, it is all about location, location, location for business. Competing with online retailers is tough nowadays, so you need a hook to keep your customers coming back. We moved here after looking for nice apartments in Silver Spring MD to choose from. We needed a place we could afford but that was also comfy and modern. All of our money was going into our business. You have to spend a little to make a little. We had a long term goal for our business.

The first was opening up in a high traffic area for customers interested in what we were selling. Continue reading “Silver Spring is Home to Us and We Like It Here”

Moving to Our New Home City Filled Me with Excitement

When my husband and I married, we were dirt poor and very young. We scraped by to make a living every day, and we were not getting ahead in life. But then, my husband decided the best way to move up in life was to join the Air Force. I was concerned at first, but after he laid out his plan to me, it made sense. We have traveled and lived all over the country. Recently, he found out we are being transferred and that we should start looking for apartments for rent in Tampa FL immediately. I had always wanted to live in Florida! I am a beach person, and this was a dream for me. I couldn’t believe I would get a chance to go see the ocean every single day if I wanted to.

Some of the places that we had been stationed were not the best cities. They were often situated in rural areas where there isn’t much around. Continue reading “Moving to Our New Home City Filled Me with Excitement”