Silver Spring is Home to Us and We Like It Here

We moved to Maryland for the business opportunities. My wife and I wanted to own a bookstore and offer gifts, coffees and pastries too. As you know, it is all about location, location, location for business. Competing with online retailers is tough nowadays, so you need a hook to keep your customers coming back. We moved here after looking for nice apartments in Silver Spring MD to choose from. We needed a place we could afford but that was also comfy and modern. All of our money was going into our business. You have to spend a little to make a little. We had a long term goal for our business.

The first was opening up in a high traffic area for customers interested in what we were selling. We picked a strategic spot to live when we chose from the various apartments in Silver Spring MD. We wanted to be close to our store, but far enough from the crowded areas to be comfortable when not working. We also did not want to have a really long commute every morning as it was just the two of us minding the store. We did hire a part time employee later on. We recently hired her on full time.

We are doing well with our profit margin now, but we plan on keeping our apartment. It is very nice, and it is comfortable for us. Plus, it is an affordable place to live not far from other properties that can be outrageously priced. There is an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and we have lots of sunshine in our breakfast nook. We have a large kitchen pantry, and there is a full-size washer and dryer in our apartment. No laundry room or laundromat! We like it here, and we get along with our neighbors very well.